Tuesday, August 21, 2007

GTA Vice City - Storyline missions video walkthrough

This is a video walkthrough of the storyline missions in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

In order to start the mission Cap The Collector, you must complete the mission Cop Land and the Printworks asset + five other assets. See the asset missions for more info.

Ken Rosenberg (L):
1. The Party
2. Back Alley Brawl
3. Jury Fury
4. Riot

Colonel Cortez (C):
1. Treacherous Swine
2. Mall Shootout
3. Guardian Angels
4. Sir, Yes Sir!
5. All Hands On Deck!

Ricardo Diaz (D):
1. The Chase
2. Phnom Penh '86
3. The Fastest Boat
4. Supply & Demand
5. Rub Out

Kent Paul (K):
1. Death Row

Tommy Vercetti/Lance Vance (V):
1. Shakedown
2. Bar Brawl
3. Cop Land


Printing works ($):
3. Cap The Collector

Tommy Vercetti/Lance Vance (V):
4. Keep Your Friends Close...

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