Wednesday, August 13, 2008

GTA Vice City - Printing Works 3 - Cap The Collector

A gameplay walkthrough of the mission "Cap The Collector" given at the printing works ($ map marker) in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This mission is part of the game's main storyline missions.

Summary: Having built a crime empire in Vice City, the showdown between Tommy Vercetti and Sonny Forelli of Liberty City is coming closer as Sonny sends his collectors down to Vice City to tax Tommy's business fronts. It's up to Tommy to put an end to the collectors actions and to protect his budding empire.

Requirements: Cop Land (V) and the Printing Works asset + 5 more assets completed
Suggested equipment: A good vehicle + 500 rounds of SMG ammo
Reward: $30000
Unlocks mission(s): Keep Your Friends Close... (V)

How to unlock this mission: Many people, understandably, find unlocking this mission difficult because it isn't obvious what is needed to get here. Hopefully this will help you if you are in this position.

What you need to do is three things (in any order you like):

* complete the mission Cop Land (which is given at the Vercetti mansion (V) as part of the "Protection Ring" series of missions - all of these are given at various locations at the mansion)
* complete the mission Hit The Courier (which is given at the Printing Works asset ($) - the Printing Works is a large yellow-orange colored building located between Little Havana and Little Haiti)
* complete 5 more assets (not including the Printing Works and the Protection Ring)

When you have done the things listed above you will get a phone call telling you to go to there Printing Works, which is where this mission starts.

Hints: Before you start the mission, try to have a good vehicle (car or bike) ready outside the Printing Works, as this will make the mission a bit easier. A car will make it easier to crash into the enemies, as they will be riding a motorbike, and if you use a motorbike you'll be able to shoot straight ahead - they choice it yours and either should work well.

As you start the mission, two men from the Mafia (Sonny Forelli's guys) will be riding on a Sanchez motorbike trying to get to one of your businesses. Your first task will be to hunt them down. Check your map to find out exactly where they are and to which nearby business they may be heading. I have found that they often start out heading to the Boatyard if you have completed that asset.

It probably doesn't matter much at this point if they actually get to the business and tax it before you reach them - just hunt them down.

The Mafia guys will be equipped with a shotgun and a M4 assault rifle. Try to take them out as quickly as possible, because the shotgun can be dangerous as it can throw Tommy to the ground and the M4 can do a lot of damage even at a distance. This will not be a problem if the enemies are riding their bike, since they can't use the shotgun or the assault rifle while on the bike.

When the first pair of Mafia guys are dead you will be given a message that more Mafia men are on their way. Look at your map and find where they are heading, go there and finish them off just like you did with the first pair of enemies. Then, a third pair will appear - just keep repeating the process, repairing your vehicle if you need to, possibly using the Pay 'N' Spray located close to the Printing Works or in Vice Port.

When you have killed the third pair of enemies the mission will be completed. Next, you'll receive a phone call to go to the Vercetti mansion for the last storyline mission, Keep Your Friends Close....

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