Saturday, August 18, 2007

GTA Vice City - Ken Rosenberg 1 - The Party

A gameplay walkthrough of the mission "The Party" given by Ken Rosenberg (L) in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This mission is part of the game's main storyline missions.

Summary: The drug buy at the Vice City harbor was ambushed and now Tommy Vercetti and Ken Rosenberg must try to find out how to get the money back and to take revenge on those responsible for the attack. Tommy gets some more appropriate clothing and attends a party held on the yacht of a colonel Cortez, where he learns about some of the characters who rule the Vice City crime scene. He also gets to know the colonel's daughter, Mercedes.

Requirements: You must have completed the introduction mission.
Suggested equipment: None
Reward: $100
Unlocks mission(s): Back Alley Brawl (L)

Hints: You start the mission by going to the marker "L" on your map. Walk into the pink marker to continue.

First you must head to Rafael's clothing store, which is located south east of Ken Rosenberg's office and marked by a light blue t-shirt on the map. Simply enter the pink marker once you get there. After this mission, you will be able to return to Rafael's to loose some heat when the cops are after you. Changing your clothes here will remove one or two wanted stars.

When you have had your change of clothes at Rafael's, you will see a cutscene where a guy gets off his bike and Tommy makes a comment about the bike. This is optional, but if you choose to take the bike, the bike's former owner will be angry and call out. Don't let him get you or you will be in a fight and maybe lose the bike as well. Later on in the mission, you will also get a slightly different experience depending whether or not you are using a bike or a car.

Head to the colonel's yacht (marked on the map by a pink dot) to the south west of Rafael's. The yacht is located by the water behind a large white building. Simply drive around that white building, by going either south (which is easier) or north of it to get to the yacht. You will see a wide selection of cars parked outside - leave these for later.

Enter the pink marker and watch the cutscene to learn about some of the characters that you will run into later on in the game. It may seem overwhelming with so many new characters all at once, but don't worry.

When you leave the party, the colonel's daughter, Mercedez, will follow you around. If you want to cruise around with her for a while, go ahead. You may want to choose a car for this last part of the mission, because if you do Mercedez will say some different things than she would if you were riding a bike. There are many nice cars to choose from and any one of them will do. At this point in the game it is good to try many different cars to learn how they are handled and which ones are most to your liking.

Drive with Mercedez to the Pole Position Club (marked by a pink dot on the map). Drive/walk into the pink marker with Mercedez to watch the cutscene and complete the mission.

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