Tuesday, August 28, 2007

GTA Vice City - Hidden Packages video guide

This is a video guide to the hidden packages that can be found in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The order in which the packages are taken is based on which packages are easy to get early in the game and which packages are better left until later. This way you will be better able to reap some of the rewards early in the game that you get from collecting hidden packages.

For each part of the videos guide, the hidden packages as numbered on this map are given for you to easily be able to find the part of the video guide that contains a specific hidden package.

Hidden Packages (Part 1 of 20) (Packages 3,4,5,6,7)
Hidden Packages (Part 2 of 20) (Packages 9,11,12,14,16)
Hidden Packages (Part 3 of 20) (Packages 17,18,20,21,23)
Hidden Packages (Part 4 of 20) (Packages 25,26,27,28,29)
Hidden Packages (Part 5 of 20) (Packages 30,31,32,33,34)
Hidden Packages (Part 6 of 20) (Packages 35,36,37,38,39)
Hidden Packages (Part 7 of 20) (Packages 40,41,44,45)
Hidden Packages (Part 8 of 20) (Packages 46,47,48,49,50)
Hidden Packages (Part 9 of 20) (Packages 19,51,52,53,54,55)
Hidden Packages (Part 10 of 20) (Packages 56,57,1,2,8)
Hidden Packages (Part 11 of 20) (Packages 10,13,22,24,42,43)
Hidden Packages (Part 12 of 20) (Packages 58,59,60,61)
Hidden Packages (Part 13 of 20) (Packages 62,63,64,65,66)
Hidden Packages (Part 14 of 20) (Packages 67,68,69,70,71)
Hidden Packages (Part 15 of 20) (Packages 72,73,74,75,76)
Hidden Packages (Part 16 of 20) (Packages 77,78,79,80,81)
Hidden Packages (Part 17 of 20) (Packages 82,83,84,85,86)
Hidden Packages (Part 18 of 20) (Packages 87,88,89,90,91)
Hidden Packages (Part 19 of 20) (Packages 92,93,94,95,96)
Hidden Packages (Part 20 of 20) (Packages 97,98,99,100,15)

The hidden packages in parts 1-8 can easily be done from the start of the game. Getting those packages will give you the first three rewards: Armor, Chainsaw and Revolver. To get the packages in part 8 you will need to get into the golf club. Here is a video of how this can easily be done from the start of the game.

Package #19 in part 9 can be accessed after Ken Rosenberg's mission "Riot". The rest of the packages in part 9 will become available after Colonel Cortez's mission "Guardian Angels".

All the packages in parts 10-20 can be accessed after Ricardo Diaz's mission "Phnom Penh '86", when the western island is opened up. Starting at package #1 in part 10, many of the hidden packages are best taken using a helicopter. One way in which you can easily get a helicopter early on is shown in this video.


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