Tuesday, August 28, 2007

GTA Vice City - Asset missions

This is a video walkthrough of the asset missions in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

You need to complete the Printing Works asset + five more assets in order to unlock the mission Cap The Collector.

The Boatyard:
1. Checkpoint Charlie

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory:
1. Distribution

Pole Position:
1. Private Dance Show

Kaufman Cabs:
1. V.I.P.
2. Friendly Rivalry
3. Cabmageddon

Sunshine Autos:
1. First vehicle list

Film Studios/Interglobal Films:
1. Recruitment Drive
2. Dildo Dodo
3. Martha's Mug Shot
4. G-spotlight

Printing Works:
1. Spilling The Beans
2. Hit The Courier

The Malibu Club:
1. No Escape?
2. The Shootist
3. The Driver
4. The Job

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