Friday, March 14, 2008

GTA Vice City - Colonel Cortez 1 - Treacherous Swine

A gameplay walkthrough of the mission "Treacherous Swine" given by Colonel Cortez (C) in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Summary: Having received a phone call from Cortez, Tommy heads down to the colonel's yacht. The colonel explains that one of his men, Gonzalez, may have had something to do with the failed dope deal. Tommy is sent to take care of Gonzalez, who is hiding at a penthouse appartment across town.

Requirements: Riot (L)
Suggested equipment: You get a chainsaw at the start of the missions and you may want to bring a gun with 20-30 bullets to make it easier.
Reward: $250 + Casual outfit delivered to Gash in The North Point Mall
Unlocks mission(s): Mall Shootout (C)

Hints: Gonzalez's is located close to where the second juror was in the mission Jury Fury. When the initial cutscene ends, just get a car (there should be some nice cars to choose from at the colonel's yacht) and drive across the island to the appartment building.

While the chainsaw given to you by Cortez at the beginning of the mission is enough for completing the mission successfully, you may want to get a gun, perhaps a pistol or sub machine gun. If you want such a gun, make sure you get it directly after the cutscene, before you head for Gonzalez. You may be able to find such a pistol for free close to where the colonel's yacht is located if you search the plants opposite the yacht.

When you get to the Gonzalez building you may want to park your vehicle a short distance from that building, between it and the Malibu Club. Since the cops will come after you when the hit is done, this can be a good head start when trying to escape them.

Entering the Gonzalez building you will see a short cutscene with Tommy and Gonzalez. He will try to run away from you while his two bodyguards will start to run to you and attack. The most effective things now is to use the chainsaw on the bodyguards by simply rushing through them with the chainsaw in attack mode and chasing after Gonzalez to the exit. (You may actually get to the exit before Gonzalez does, but this will not mean that you can kill him before he reaches the exit.)

When you exit the building, Gonzalez will start running toward the Malibu Club. He is very slow and you should have no problem catching up with him if you put away the chainsaw. When you reach him, either use the chainsaw or some gun and he should be done very quickly.

As Gonzalez dies you will get two wanted stars, meaning that the cops will start searching for and attacking you on sight. You will also be directed to go to the Pay 'N' Spray located pretty close by. Directly north of the Gonzalez building there is a police bride close to some bushes and palm trees - picking up this bribe will remove one wanted star and make it much easier to get to the Pay 'N' Spray.

Drive to the Pay 'N' Spray located north west of Gonzalez. You don't have to pay this time, just drive into the pink marker to finish this mission and getting rid of the remaining wanted star(s).

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