Saturday, August 18, 2007

GTA Vice City - Ken Rosenberg 4 - Riot

A gameplay walkthrough of the mission "Riot" given by Ken Rosenberg (L) in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This mission is part of the game's main storyline missions.

Summary: In this mission Tommy is introduced to the real estate mogul Avery Carrington. In exchange for some protection against Mafia involvement in Vice City, Avery wants Tommy to put a company out of business by starting a riot and blowing up that company's trucks.

Requirements: Jury Fury (L)
Suggested equipment: Pistol/Shotgun + Chainsaw/Hammer
Reward: $1000
Unlocks mission(s): Four Iron (A) and Treacherous Swine (C map marker - you will get a phone call that unlocks this mission)

Hints: When the initial cutscene ends, drive first to Rafael's (blue T-shirt map marker) for another change of clothes - this time you get some worker's clothes to fit in with the crowd at the riot. As usual, simply step into the pink marker and the change of clothes will take place.

Next make your way to the site of the riot, located north of Ken Rosenberg's office (pink dot map marker). When you get there, you will see a large number of people in working clothes shouting outside the gates of the company.

Your first task will be to start a riot by picking a fight with a few of the workers. Simply attack them one at a time using your fists or some weapon (chainsaw sounds good to me, or your hammer from the Jury Fury mission). When you have started attacking a worker, make sure you kill him, or else he will get back up and attack you again when you have moved on to the next worker. When you have killed a few workers, the rest of the crowd will start rioting and the security guards will open up the gates and join the fight.

This is your opportunity to enter and to blow up the trucks. There are three trucks that you need to destroy: two to the right and one to the left as you come through the gates.

There will be one security guard left inside the gates. He has a pistol and you want to take him out quickly. A little to the right of that security guard is a red explosive barrel. If you shoot that barrel, both the security guard and the two trucks to the right should be destroyed, leaving only one more truck to be dealt with. If you didn't have any pistol as you as you went through the gates, kill the security guard inside first and then use his pistol to blow up the red barrel (but make sure you shoot from a distance, since the explosion can injure or kill you as well!).

Dealing with the last remaining truck will not be as easy as the two first. You will need to attack it using either your fists/close combat weapon or a gun (a shotgun can destroy this truck very quickly - you can find a shotgun on the beachwalk some distance north of Tommy's hotel safehouse). Either way, you will probably need to attack it for many seconds before smoke starts coming out of it and it will eventually start going into flames. When the fire starts, leave the truck as fast as you can to not be caught in the explosion that always follows a burning vehicle.

When all of the trucks are blown up, you will have completed the mission and will soon receive a phone call from Colonel Cortez, opening up the opportunity to take missions from him down at his yacht. You will now also be able to take missions from Avery Carrington, the real estate guy. His missions start at the construction site very close to where the riot took place in this mission.

Before you leave the riot, make sure you pick up the money that is left when the workers are defeated. At this point in the game, a few hundred extra dollars in your pocket should be welcome. You don't even have to fight yourself since the workers and the security guards will do all the work for you, unless they themselves attack you first.

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