Saturday, August 18, 2007

GTA Vice City - Ken Rosenberg 3 - Jury Fury

A gameplay walkthrough of the mission "Jury Fury" given by Ken Rosenberg (L) in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This mission is part of the game's main storyline missions.

Summary: Ken Rosenberg has been ordered by the mafia boss Sonny Forelli to intimidate some jurors so that they change their minds about the guilt of a guy at trial. Since Ken Rosenberg couldn't intimidate a child, Tommy is sent to do the dirty work. He seeks out the jurors one at a time and intimidates them to find the guy on trial not guilty.

Requirements: Back Alley Brawl (L)
Suggested equipment: None
Reward: $400
Unlocks mission(s): Riot (L) and Road Kill (pay phone marker - you will get a phone call that unlocks this mission)

Hints: As you exit Ken Rosenberg's office, you will see a short cutscene where a guy gets run over by a car. The victim drops a hammer that you can pick up.

Next you should go find either one of the jurors, but it is probably better to first go find the one closest to you, located south east of Rosenberg's office (marked by a yellow dot on the map). Once you get there, you will see the juror standing there talking to a woman. If you hit him once, he will run off and get into his car. Remember that you only want to intimidate him, not kill him! Let him get into his car and crash into the truck. Then attack the car until the juror runs away intimidated. If you didn't pick up the hammer when the mission started outside Rosenberg's office, you can find a hammer nearby at the truck.

If you want to complete this juror's intimidation as quickly as possible, only hit the driver side door until it breaks away. Then pull the juror out of the car to finish that intimidation.

Once you are done with this juror, head north to the other juror, who is located north of the Malibu Club (marked by a yellow dot on the map). This time, you must attack the juror's car and beat it many times until it is pretty much totally wrecked. When you are done, a cutscene will appear where the juror realizes what you have done to his car, and he, too, will run off intimidated. Having done this, the mission is now completed.

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