Saturday, August 18, 2007

GTA Vice City - Ken Rosenberg 2 - Back Alley Brawl

A gameplay walkthrough of the mission "Back Alley Brawl" given by Ken Rosenberg (L) in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This mission is part of the game's main storyline missions.

Summary: Tommy Vercetti and Ken Rosenberg realize that they need a lead from the streets to find out who took their money. Rosenberg tells Tommy about a British guy named Kent Paul who knows a lot about what happens in Vice City. Tommy pays him a visit at the Malibu Club and learns about a chef who may have had something to do with the drug buy gone wrong. Tommy seeks out this chef and confronts him, but things get ugly and the chef dies in the brawl. Tommy then meets the guy who flew the helicopter during the drug buy, a guy named Lance. Tommy is at first reluctant to cooperate with Lance, but as some hostile chefs turn up to see what happened to their friend, Tommy quickly changes his mind and follows Lance to his car. Next Tommy and Lance drive to a local gun shop and then back to Tommy's hotel.

Requirements: The Party (L)
Suggested equipment: None
Reward: $200
Unlocks mission(s): Jury Fury (L)

Hints: You start this mission by going to Ken Rosenberg's office (the "L" marker on the map), same as was the case in the previous mission, The Party.

The first thing you need to do is to head over to the Malibu Club, which is located some distance north/north west of Ken Rosenberg's office. It is marked by a pink dot on your map. When you get to the Malibu Club, enter the pink marker to see the cutscene with Tommy and Kent Paul.

Next you must go and find the chef, who is located in an alley south of where you exit the Malibu Club (a yellow dot on the map). When you get there, get out of your car and move toward him, and you will see a short cutscene that ends in a fight where you will have to defeat the chef either using your fists or any weapon that you may have collected. Once the chef is defeated, pick up his cell phone to continue the mission. If you happen to have driven over and killed the chef with your car rather than getting out and confronting him face to face, you will not fail the mission this way (you may actually save some time).

Picking up the cell phone leads to a cutscene with a guy dressed in a white suit appearing. This is Lance and he will help you out with some stuff in this mission and later on.

When the cutscene ends, Lance will throw you a pistol and you will be attacked by three chefs using different kinds of close combat weapons. You can choose to either fight them (using the pistol, your fists, or any other weapon that you have) or you can run away from the fight by following Lance. If you choose to fight the chefs, once they are defeated, they will drop some weapons that you can pick up. Either way, you will need to go to Lance's car (a yellow dot on the map) and get in.

Once you get into the car, drive to the local gun shop (which is called Ammu-Nation and is marked by a blue pistol marker on your map), which is located on the south end of this island, close to the Pole Position Club and the colonel's yacht. When you get to Ammu-Nation, you will learn about how you can buy weapons (not many weapons are unlocked at this stage in the game, but they soon will be). You do not need to buy any weapons at this point, or to even get out of the car.

When the cutscene is done, drive Lance back to your hotel. Once you get there, Tommy will get out of the car and the mission will be completed.

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