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GTA Vice City - FINAL MISSION - Keep Your Friends Close...


A gameplay walkthrough of the mission "Keep Your Friends Close..." given by Tommy Vercetti (V) in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is the last mission in the storyline, but you can still complete the other missions in the game after completing this mission.

Summary: Sonny Forelli and his goons are finally fed up with Tommy Vercetti and have decided to come down to Vice City to take over his little empire. This means that Tommy gets a chance to meet Sonny face to face one last time before he kills him. Unfortunately, Lance shows his true colors and has to be dealt with as well in this final storyline mission.

Requirements: Cap The Collector ($ map marker)
Suggested equipment: Colt M4 assault rifle with 500+ bullets
Reward: $30000
Unlocks mission(s): None (this is the final storyline mission)

Hints: This final mission can be difficult, but if you follow these hints you should be able to pass the mission, at least after a few tries.

Protecting the safe

As the cutscene ends, Tommy finds himself standing in his office at the Vercetti Estate. There is a revolver available next to the door. Also not the big black chair in front of Tommy - this chair can be used for cover.

After a short while, Sonny's thugs will start pouring up the stairs outside and try to get to the safe in Tommy's office in order to steal your money. Crouch down behind the big black chair and shoot the enemies as soon as they appear.

Chasing Lance

Remain crouching behind the chair until you get a message to go and kill Lance. Go out of the office door, but watch out, since the enemies will keep coming up the stairs. Once you get out through the office door, a short cutscene will appear where Lance taunts Tommy from across the room. When they are done talking, start shooting at Lance quickly, because he has a good weapon and can hurt you a lot if you don't take care of him real quick. When he runs off down the corridor, finish off the three other enemies who appeared alongside Lance. Then run after him to the corridor where he disappeared.

As you reach the corridor opening, Lance will be waiting for you down the hall, shooting at you as soon as he sees you. Take cover and shoot at him again until he retreats further down the corridor. Go after him. Once again, Lance will ambush you. Shoot him quickly and move after him as he retreats. Next you will reach the stairs leading up and down. Lance will this time be waiting for you a short distance up the stairs and to the right as you exit the corridor. Shoot at him and follow him up the stairs and onto the roof.

Reaching the roof, you will be confronted with a group of enemies lead by Lance Vance. This episode is probably the most dangerous part of the mission. You should crouch low behind the barrels as soon as you can to avoid being hit. Make sure you first kill anyone who can shoot and hit you. Then take out the rest of the enemies, using the explosive red barrel if possible to make it easier. There is an adrenaline pickup to your left as you enter the roof - this may give you the edge that you'll need to win this fight.


When you have eliminated all the enemies on the roof, Lance included, you will probably be badly wounded. If you want to, you can get a health pickup from the far side of the helipad on the roof. Otherwise, you can head down the stairs to the lowest floor and get both an armor and a health pickup (you can also get a shotgun and an assault rifle here if you're low on ammo). Next, head back to your office and kill all the enemies who will now have occupied the room.

Sonny Forelli

As you have cleared the room, another short cutscene will start, where you'll see Sonny appear at the bottom of the stairs leading up to Tommy's office. When the cutscene ends, focus on shooting Sonny. He can take a few seconds of assault rifle fire, but just keep shooting him and it will all soon be over. You can use the edge of the stairs to get some protection against the bullets of your enemies while still being able to shoot back at them. When you have killed Sonny, the battle will be over and the ending cutscene will begin.

Well done! You have now completed the entire storyline in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City!

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