Friday, August 22, 2008

GTA: San Andreas - Country Endurance Challenge

This is a challenge to all GTA: San Andreas fans!

Street Race: Country Endurance (San Fierro street race)

Easy challenge: Beat my previous time of 4:45.
Hard challenge: Beat my best time of 4:32.

Challenge rules:
1. No cheats, mods, etc.
2. Start the race at any time.
3. Show your race in a video response

If you are up to the challenge, record a video and post it as a video response! :-D


* Drive carefully. Compared to the other street races in GTA: San Andreas, Country Endurance is pretty much an endurance race, meaning that it's all about getting across the finish line. It is not uncommon that you'll wreck your car during the race, forcing you out of the race. Especially watch out for the other cars (random vehicles as well as your competitors) during the start. Since the race starts close to the entrance to a tunnel, you'll have little space between your car and the others, making some crashes likely.

* Shake the competition. Getting ahead of your competitors at the start of the game lets you concentrate on the road rather than the competition. At least a few competitors are probably going to crash in the tunnel near the start or go over a cliff. Your best bet is really to focus on avoiding the other cars whenever possible - even just a little contact with another car can mean some serious race time lost.

* Drive during the evening/night. A little known fact about this race is that there is little or no traffic on the roads in the Badlands area of the map during the late evenings/nights. This means as you leave the San Fierro area, you can actually push the car to the limit with little care for other vehicles other than your competitors. Be careful, however, when you get closer to Los Santos and later San Fierro once again, as the traffic picks up at that time. The drawback to racing during the night is that vision will not be as good as during the day, but with a few attempts you'll learn where during the race you'll need to slow down.

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