Saturday, August 11, 2007

GTA Vice City - Rampage #34

Rampage #34 in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Kill goal: 12 vehicles
Time limit: 120 seconds

Hints: Vehicles will spawn at the road close to the airport terminal entrance, so that's probably where you'll want to focus your attention.

If you stay on the roof of the airport terminal (this is probably the best way to go), be careful not to hit the edge of the roof when firing your rockets at the vehicles below. When you're not paying attention to this you can easily kill yourself by accidentally hitting the edge.

Don't forget that your own vehicle (for example a helicopter) will count toward the kill goal, so if you're having trouble finishing before the time limit is up, consider blowing your own vehicle up to get one more vehicle destroyed.

If you do not have a helicopter you can reach this rampage by doing Unique Jump #29 by using the advertising board at the north side of the airport terminal.

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