Sunday, August 5, 2007

GTA Vice City - Rampage #5

Rampage #5 in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Weapon: Katana sword
Kill goal: 10
Time limit: 120 seconds

Hints: This is actually one of the more difficult rampages in the game. Make sure that you have full health and armor before you start the rampage. An armor pickup may be found at the building across the road south from the block where this rampage icon is located.

What you want to avoid on this rampage is to get stuck in the middle of a bunch of enemies, all shooting at you with their guns. If you find yourself in that position you will find that your armor and health will run out really quickly. To avoid this, pick out smaller groups of enemies to attack and use hit and run tactics.

A problem with the katana sword is that sometimes you will knock the enemy down, but not kill him and while waiting for the enemy to get up, other enemies will attack you. This is a dangerous situation that you'll want to avoid. The good thing about the katana is that sometimes you will kill an enemy with just one hit. Use this to your advantage by not staying in one place too long, hitting the enemies and then retreating.

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