Friday, July 27, 2007

GTA San Andreas - Vehicle demonstration - Phoenix

This is a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas vehicle demonstration video I made.

Vehicle: Phoenix
Category: Muscle car

About the vehicle: The Phoenix is a true "muscle car" with lots of raw power. It's great for drifting and is the most fun to drive downhills. Acceleration is good and so is top speed. The Phoenix is also good for doing stunt jumps since it is pretty stable in-air.


Anonymous said...

Where you get it?

Admin said...

I'm not sure where I got it for this video, but one way of getting it is through the street race "San Fierro Hills". During that race you use a Phoenix car, so what you can do is to bring the car to your garage instead of trying to finish the race.

Lauriic54 said...

Yeah, you can drift whit it and very good thought! + the Virtual rims (atleast for me) lets better drift whit it!