Friday, July 27, 2007

GTA San Andreas - Vehicle demonstration - Windsor

This is a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas vehicle demonstration video I have made.

Vehicle: Windsor
Category: Sports car

About the vehicle: The Windsor is a sports car that is difficult to master. It has ok acceleration and maximum speed, but is overall not a very pleasant drive. At slow speeds it can be alright, but once you need to be somewhere (else) really fast, the Windsor is not a truthworthy vehicle. It has a strong tendency to oversteer, forcing the driver to constantly have to compensate, which means a serious distraction in a car chase. In my opinion, the brakes are your best friend when you use this car, since lowering your speed as you are about to enter into curves can really make a big difference. Do not even think about bringing the Windsor off-road - it can be a nightmare.

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