Sunday, July 29, 2007

GTA San Andreas - Unique jump #13

This is a demonstration of Unique jump #13 in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Vehicle: PCJ-600
Location: Los Santos (Los Flores/East Beach)

Note: The purpose of these videos is to demonstrate the unique stunt jumps. I make no claim that all the videos are particularly entertaining (in part because not all the unique jumps are much fun), but that they should be good guides to people who are trying to do some or all of the unique stunt jumps in the game.

The numbering of the unique jumps is based on this map.

The head of the blinking arrow on the map at the beginning of each video indicates the position and direction of where the video demonstration starts.

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The Complete Unique Stunt Jump Video Guide


Ludvig said...

Hi "major underscore"

first of all i would just like to say thanks for your good videos of all the unique jumps in san andreas, they helped me alot when i tried to complete them.
But i am having one problem, i cant complete this one, since i cant jump as far as you do. i play san andreas on a PC which makes it a little different i guess but i have tried with some different bikes and tactics to jump longer but they aint working. I see that you are doing something like leaning forward before the jump? i dunno if its possible to do the same on a PC, since i guess that the leaning forward button for PC is the "arrow up".
If you have any tips or something or a specific vehicle i should use, please answer :)

cheers, spet

Allemans said...

Ludvig, first of all, I also play the game on a PC, so yeah, it's quite possible to jump that far, even on a PC. :)

What you want to do is to press the "lean forward" key (default, I think, is "arrow up", as you say) repeatedly several times per second. Holding down the key is not enough.

Another thing that you may want to do is to lean back on the bike just before you hit the "ramp". This will, in my experience, give the jump a bit more height.

If these hints are not enough, make sure your bike skill is maxed. The fastest way to maxing it is to go to the bike school in Las Venturas.