Saturday, July 28, 2007

GTA San Andreas - Unique jump #1

This is a demonstration of Unique jump #1 in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Vehicle: PCJ-600
Location: Los Santos (El Corona/Willowfield)

Note: The purpose of these videos is to demonstrate the unique stunt jumps. I make no claim that all the videos are particularly entertaining (in part because not all the unique jumps are much fun), but that they should be good guides to people who are trying to do some or all of the unique stunt jumps in the game.

The numbering of the unique jumps is based on this map.

The head of the blinking arrow on the map at the beginning of each video indicates the position and direction of where the video demonstration starts.

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The Complete Unique Stunt Jump Video Guide


Anonymous said...

i don,t get it how do you do that whenever i try i always hit the wall down below.

Allemans said...

I do one important thing that you may not be aware of that helps me complete all of these unique stunt jumps. That is to repeatedly press the "lean forward" key (I think that the default key on PC is the up arrow), which results in greater acceleration and (I think) top speed. It is especially useful when you have limited space to gain speed for the jumps and can make quite a difference.

Anonymous said...

if ur on ps2 or xbox attempting to do it here is how i did it easily. leen foward a little bit then when u hit the ramp turn to the right a little bit thats how i always manged to do it

ben said...

hi i was wondering where do u get the pcj-600

Admin said...

@ben: I usually find the PCJ-600 motorbike while driving around in the western parts of Los Santos. The bike spawns with a person riding it in the streets.

If you prefer to use the NRG-500 bike though, that one spawns in a multi-story garage building located northeast of CJ's house on Grove Street, close to the highway running along the beach.

Anonymous said...

@admin: where is that multi-story garage with the nrg-500? i really need it